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Deck Blog

Deck Blog is the official blog of our company. Here we will share our experience in the construction of decks, fences, pergolas, and other structures. Also, here we will tell industry news, technological innovations, tips of the building, and maintenance of decks. We will try to post as many interesting photos and videos as possible.

The Best Decking Material for Halifax and Nova Scotia

Articles Abot Fences The Best Decking Material for Halifax and Nova Scotia At Zebra Contracting, we recognize that Decking can be very confusing, particularly when you are trying to decide what materials to use for your Halifax deck project. To aid you in this process, here is a brief description of different materials that can be used for your “dream deck” – including both the benefits as well as drawbacks of each. If you have any questions about decking that aren’t...

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Composite Decks Debunking Myths

Articles About Decks Composite Decks: Debunking Myths Myth # 1: Composite deck is maintenance free. Myth # 2: Man-made materials are much better than wood. Myth # 3: Composite Deck = Eternity Our company has gained extensive experience in the use of composite materials. We will help you with the choice of high-quality composite material that will last a long time and not have the common flaws typical of synthetic decks. Is this all wrong? Millions of dollars are spent on advertising...

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Cost to Install Deck Railing in Halifax

Articles About Railing Cost to Install Deck or Porch Railing in Halifax The deck is a very popular addition to a modern home. A structurally uncomplicated extension to the house transforms its appearance, making it more harmonious and visually larger. An important element of the deck is its railing. Without a railing, it remains an ordinary patio. The railing makes it a comfortable resting place, where leisurely morning tea parties and cheerful evening gatherings with friends are so pleasant. Zebra...

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Wooden Picket Fence

Articles Abot Fences Wooden Picket Fence Wooden picket fence – a fence made of wooden planks (pickets) of relatively small width and thickness, fixed to the base in most cases with gaps. This option allows you to get original lightweight designs that differ in height, shape, and size of the strips. Also, you can play with the direction of pickets, the level of strength – and, therefore, the possibility of application for various purposes. Despite the wide selection of other materials,...

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Creating a Comfortable Deck

How to make your deck more comfortable Decks are not built merely for their function but as a place of comfort and enjoyment, a place to talk, read, nap, or host a party. But it takes more than having a deck to enjoy your deck. Thankfully there is a wide variety of ways to make an uncomfortable deck more comfortable. Splinters: The painful problem Often the most uncomfortable character of a deck is the splintering wood on the deck floor itself. Decks take a lot of sun, rain, and sometimes snow...

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