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Composite Decks: Debunking Myths

  • Myth # 1: Composite deck is maintenance free.
  • Myth # 2: Man-made materials are much better than wood.
  • Myth # 3: Composite Deck = Eternity

Our company has gained extensive experience in the use of composite materials. We will help you with the choice of high-quality composite material that will last a long time and not have the common flaws typical of synthetic decks.

Is this all wrong?

Millions of dollars are spent on advertising and explaining to the buyer the reasons of using a composite boards. It’s time to debunk the myth that any deck composite materials are the best. Many sellers and designers are faced with dishonesty of manufacturers only after a few years, when the buyer brings warranty documents. And with them – complaints about the product quality.

Composite does not require any maintenance?

The time has already passed when manufacturers shouted “You do not need to look after composite boards” in every way. It is still worth some maintenance to keep composite deck in good shape. In particular, experts recommend using a stiff brush and environmentally friendly cleaners. Strong chemicals can adversely affect the color of the terrace. Therefore, it is more correct to say that the deck made from the composite requires minimal maintenance.

Is composite deck better than wooden?

Wood is a special material. Brazilian walnut nut or red cedar may well last up to 40 years with annual treatment with protective oils. The wooden coating can be re-polished or even painted every few years, and it will be as good as new. But remember that environmental friendliness and chemical paints and varnishes are incompatible. Polishing a wood composite is also possible, but the results may vary depending of brand. Ideally, if several planks on the deck become unusable, you can replace them. The further development of events entirely depends on the material that you choose.

When buying cheap and thin composite boards, you should prepare in advance for the fact that after 5 years they will look like cheap and dilapidated composite: with scuffs, cracks, stains. And this is a good scenario. You change part of the planking and get a striped deck: the new boards are brighter, and the old ones have already faded. Moreover, the old coating in contrast will seem even older. Logical question: are such contrasts necessary?

Is the composite deck is eternal?

As for eternity, the question is very controversial. On average, a good quality decking with proper care and maintenance will last you many years. But an inexpensive composite made from industrial wastes can hardly boast a long life tendency. Unless in a landfill, because cheap plastic degradation period from 100 to 1000 years. A cheap product in any field is cheap production, cheap components, cheap raw materials. Honestly answer the question: will a first-class cake come from low-quality products?

The manufacturing techniques of composite vary depending on the price. Further composite processing, in turn, is highly dependent on the primary components. You are able to decide the fate of the global ecology, since high-quality composite boards are suitable for recycling.

Choose materials that last a long time. And don’t believe everything that the advertisement says. Wish you a cozy home and a beautiful deck!