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The Miracles of Carpentry

Cedar Decks – Natural Beauty on Your Backyard

Cedar wood is another material that is preferred by many home and business owners to be used for decks. Cedar wood is legendary in its durability. This specific type of wood is naturally resistant to moisture and decay.

Pros and Cos of Cedar Wood for Your Deck Project

Cedar is probably the second most popular material for building decks in Halifax and the area. It is also widely used in the construction of pergolas, fences and other outdoor structures. Cedar is very popular due to two important properties – beauty and strength. Zebra Contracting has vast experience in building cedar decks. What are the main features of this material in relation to decks?

In the beginning, let’s talk about the advantages of this material.

First of all, it is a beautiful material. This is the first thing the homeowner thinks about when choosing cedar for building a deck. It has a warm reddish-brown color and a nice texture. It is pleasant to touch and it has a delicious aroma. When we cut cedar boards everyone notes how good it smells around.

This is  environmentally friendly material. No chemicals are used in its production. Children can walk barefoot on boards without any risk of an allergic reaction from chemicals that manufacturers use. It can even be used to make spoons). Cedar is perfect for building a deck around the pool because when it comes into contact with water it does not emit harmful substances and is safe for wet bare feet.

Cedar is dimensionally stable. This material does not change size when dried or, on the contrary, moistened. This is his huge advantage over the treated wood. After the construction of the deck, it will remain the same straight and with minimal gaps years later. It will not wrap, curl, or bend after exposure to moisture.

Cedar is very reliable and strong. Cedar contains natural extractive oils. These oils help resist weathering, it does not rot, it resists harmful insects perfectly. Also, the cedar deck easy to stain and holds stain for a long time. This is because cedar is a very hygroscopic wood. After staining, the deck looks great.

A deck made of cedar has few disadvantages. First of all, cedar is a very soft material. It is very easy to scratch or dent. During the construction of the deck, the wood easily splits and poorly holds screws. The second is that the cedar quickly turns gray. We recommend painting the new deck as soon as possible.

In general, cedar is a great choice for building a deck and it has significantly more advantages than disadvantages. You will get not only a beautiful deck but also an environmentally friendly and aging-resistant structure.