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Composite Deck Installers Halifax

Zebra Deck is a deck company located in Halifax and serving the entire province. We specialize in both the design and construction of treated wood decks and porches. We built hundreds of decks and we know how to do it properly and cost-effective.

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Halifax Deck Installers Specialized In Composite Decking

In the last 10 years, the natural wood for decks is increasingly being replaced by composite materials. A synthetic alternative to natural material looks aesthetically pleasing, it is resistant to many external factors and easy to maintain. Composite deck boards resemble natural wood and can successfully replace it. Composite is a durable and weather-resistant material for decking. Rain and snow do not harm this material. The composite decks do not require frequent maintenance and look very impressive.

Composite Decks – Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Composite Decks are resistant to moisture and low temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, mold, and insects. They have good weather resistance and looks very well even after a harsh winter. Composite decks do not fade and, importantly, they do not require regular maintenance and using oils or other protections. Care of the composite decks is reduced to the regular washing and removal of debris.

  • Composite decking can withstand a fairly large load if it is applied over the entire surface of the product, as well as in the case of point impact

  • Composite boards have a non-slip surface. Thanks to the grooves and texture, quick drainage of water from the terrace surface are provided and you can safely move around even on wet boards

  • Resistance to frequent and sudden changes in temperature

  • A high degree of strength, which is determined by the combination of wood and polymer components

  • The deck board made of composite materials does not delaminate, therefore it holds fasteners perfectly

  • The presence of anti-slip coating ensures safe movement

  • Since the material practically does not absorb moisture, it is not necessary to treat it with antifungal agents

The Aesthetic Appearance of the Composite Decks

Composite decks are perfectly straight, without knots, splinters or cracks. They do not deform or bulge. Due to the fixation of boards with hidden fasteners, there are no visible screws and nails on the surface, which enhances its aesthetics. Composite boards are available in a wide range of colors from imitating wood warm brown to boards painted in gray or graphite for a more modern appearance. The surface is pleasant and soft to touch.

Disadvantages of Composite Decks

  • The surface of composite docks is very hot in hot weather. In cold weather, it is very cold and quickly begins to icy.
  • This is quite expensive material. It is 2 times more expensive than cedar and 4 times more expensive than pine.
  • If this is important for you, then you certainly notice that it is a synthetic material, it does not have the warmth of a natural wood.
  • If you have pets, they can scratch the surface of the deck.

What is a Composite

The synthetic material used for the production of the composite is a mixture of natural wood and plastic. The best features have PVC composites. Depending on the manufacturer, they can have different proportions of both components, for example, 45% wood dust, 45% plastic or 60 and 30%, respectively. The remaining 10% are substances that improve the qualities of the composite material. Composite boards are weatherproof, non-flammable and non-abrasive. The addition of plastic content guarantees durability and resistance to moisture, low temperature, solar radiation and mold. The great advantage of composites is their stability. They do not deform under the influence of changes in temperature and humidity and they do not exfoliate. Thanks to this, the deck, covered with such a surface retains a flawless appearance for many years.