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If you are looking for a strong, beautiful and inexpensive fence in Halifax, then you have come to the right place! Our deck company has been working in this field for over 10 years. We will do all the work quickly and efficiently, our client only needs to choose the model of the fence he likes.

Why Zebra Fences?

Having ordered the construction of a fence from us, you will receive a fence that will stand for many decades, even without any signs of distortion or destruction. Our experts have all the professional tools, and they know how to properly build a quality fence in any design. It is in our interests that each of our clients is happy with a quality-built fence and recommends us to their friends and acquaintances.

Wood is the Best Material for Fence

Wood is perhaps the most common material for building fences in Halifax and the area. Wooden fences have proven to be both optimal in price and quality, and reliable in terms of lifetime. Although it is believed that a wooden fence is one of short-lived, but with proper care, it will last a long time and will please more than one generation. However, perhaps there is nothing better than a wooden fence to make the house more comfortable and cozy. It should be noted that modern processing technologies can achieve high quality at a good price and a wooden fence can please you with its beauty for a long time.

01 - Cedar Gates

02 - Brown Treated Wood Gates


How wooden fence built?

For the construction of wooden fences, we mostly use brown pressure treated wood or cedar. You can order additional treatment with stains and sealers. Stain helps to highlight the wood structure, its sophisticated grain, and transitions, then a wooden fence is assembled into a specific structure. Wooden fence boards can be stacked vertically, horizontally, diagonally, at any angle, making up various patterns and unusual appearance. Such a wooden fence looks unique and matches beautifully for any type of property. Solid wood posts and railings make the fence durable, and the wood gives a certain naturalness and environmental friendliness for your property.

  • Horizontal Pine Fence

  • Treated Wood Horizontal Fence

  • Fence with pickets on top

  • Privacy screen wit LED

  • Cedar Fence with decor

    Benefits of Wood

    Pros and Cons of Wood for Fence

    Benefits of wooden fences

    • A wide selection of design solutions for your fence
    • Wooden fences are affordable without compromise on quality
    • Wooden fences are eco-friendly and easy to recycle
    • The unique and genuine beauty of natural wood
    • If some elements of the fence section are damaged, they are easy to replace.


    • This is a relatively short-lived rot-prone material.
    • Boards should be treated with stain to prevent darkening of the wood.
    • Its better to stain fence and after a while and has to be re-coated.
    • Not suitable as a fire barrier

    Get Inspired

    Take a look at the 3D Fence Designs. We have developed a large catalog of fences in an understandable 3D format. This will help you choose a design for your future project. You can also check out our completed projects in the gallery.

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