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Zebra Deck is Greenfield based deck builders operating in the Lunenburg area for over 10 years. We design and install beautiful decks, whether in pressure treated, cedar, composite, or PVC, of all styles and designs.


Looking for a reliable deck-building contractor in Lunenburg, NS? We specialize in deck construction, repairs, and refinishing.

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Get your dream deck from Zebra Deck, deck installation company.

Nova Scotia has the perfect climate for outdoor living, meaning decks and pergolas in cities  like Lunenburg are in high demand. At Zebra Deck, we have over eight years of experience designing and building decks, fences, and pergolas across Lunenburg. Zebra Deck specialty in outdoor carpentry field makes our company a number one choice when you need deck builders or decking contractors in Lunenburg.

The deck is not only beautiful but also functional house extension. In Lunenburg with cold climatic conditions deck is often used as a dining room or living room at summer time and at spring or fall time then the weather conditions become more severe you can cover the deck with the roof and convert into a cozy and warm pergola. Today the decks at the peak of popularity in Lunenburg, especially if we are talking about the extension to the house.


Construction of a wooden deck must be planned and designed with the utmost care. What determines the appearance of the decks and design features? What determines the duration of the construction and the amount of materials needed? First of all, this location of your deck. The deck can be attached to the foundation of the house or built separately. This lightweight structure that does not require the concrete foundation, so you can build it at any place in the backyard.


The design and configuration of the deck are determined by the topography of your land, landscape design, budget, as well as the personal vision of the owner. Even if your backyard area has a lot of trees, it is not necessarily cut them to build a deck. There are many design projects that allow vegetation to blend harmoniously into the deck.


The deck may have multiple levels. Multi-level deck – is a special style, emphasizing the reliability and representatives of the house. Several levels of decks can be located both on the ground and above the ground. The same applies to the traditional single-level deck. The design of decks “above the ground” can turn it into a luxurious balcony with panoramic views of the beauty of the surrounding nature.


Additional decorative elements will allow to give the deck individual style, enhance its functionality. For example, many decks have a railing, which comes in various types. As some decorative elements for railing can be used beautiful caps, planter boxes, artistic elements. The roof overhang allows you to enjoy the deck in any weather. The roof can be made of wood or glass or transparent poly-carbonate. The roof can be retractable, partially or completely closed.


The choice of material – a crucial stage of the deck project, because it is important to build a deck of water-resistant materials, which resistant to the temperature changes, the wind, and other manifestations of bad weather. Also, the materials should not fade or deteriorate under ultraviolet light. Contemporary building materials market offers sufficient range of decking materials. There are different sizes, the thickness of boards. The optimal choice of timber – pressure treated pine, as it differs stability and strength.


Before painting the wooden deck, keep in mind that it needs to be protected from rotting processes, moisture, UV rays. If you want to save a deck its original appearance for a long time, it is important to use special oils for wood with a UV filter (stain, varnish, paint sometimes). High-quality finishing will not only make a beautiful deck but also allows its owner for a long time to enjoy a good rest in the fresh air. 

Deck building service and decking installation in Lunenburg. Whatever it is you need we have the right deck builders at the right price.