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The Process

Renovation rundown: What are the steps in a bathroom renovation?

Deciding on your bathroom requires planning on design, layout and other practical considerations and is not an easy process but we at Zebra Contracting are here to help. We can cater to all budgets and with our experience, free in-home consultation and computer-design service, we can guide you through the process and help you achieve YOUR DREAM BATHROOM.

Our Bathroom Renovation Process.

No two homes are alike and the time to complete your renovation varies greatly based on the scope, size or complexity of the job. The guide below is to provide some insight into the process Zebra Contracting follows from the initial meeting to you enjoying your new bathroom.

Initial Meeting

From the initial meeting in our showroom, you feel at home. With multiple styles and spaces from kitchens to bathrooms to closets and from classic to the ultra-modern, there is something for everyone to touch, feel and interact with. We sit down with you and chat about your goals for your renovation, what you want to change, styles you like and more. Your budget and timeline are all discussed in a personal, one on one chat with one of our award-winning designers.

Home Consultation

Once we have a general feel for what you’re looking for in your renovation, we come to your home to better discuss options and look for any obvious barriers to your renovation or things we need to pay special attention to. We will take preliminary measurements of the space while we are in your home so that we can begin to work on drafting outlines for your space and work from there. You can show us how and where you want the tub or shower to go or exactly the spot you’ve always wanted that heated towel rack to be placed.

Quote Presentation

If you’re happy with where we have come from so far, we prepare a detailed quote for you and we meet once again. We will go over in great detail your specific needs for the project, the cost, suppliers and more. You can take a few days to decide if you would like to proceed and once you are ready, we move onto the next step, this is where it starts to get fun!

Create Design

You know all those Pinterest boards, Houzz Idea Books and clippings from magazines of things you can’t live without for your new renovation, bring those with you to our next meeting. We will have material ideas ready for you to interact with and will nail down more firmly on what the design of the new space is going to be. From there we go away and design in detail your individual new space. We’re happy to join you for shopping, we love that.

Agree & Move Forward

Once we are finished with the design including some revisions of course to fine tune it to perfection, will present our designs to you, along with materials for you to interact with along with a more concrete timeline for the project since we have now chosen our suppliers. Once we agree on the designs, timeline and cost, we take a deposit from you and we are one step closer to you having a new bathroom!

Construction & Completion

We begin construction as soon as we can, demolition is first with the cabinetry being measured for and ordered so that we can move on with other items in the space while those items are being built. We tile, paint and install all features and fixtures for the space and make sure everything works just right before we install the remaining cabinetry, counter and faucets. From there the finishing touches go on and that’s it! The new space is all yours and ready to use.