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Pressure Treated Wood Deck is an Affordable Solution Without Quality Compromise

Zebra Contracting is a deck company located in Halifax and serving the entire province. We specialize in both the design and construction of treated wood decks and porches. We built hundreds of decks and we know how to do it properly and cost-effective.


Pressure Treated Wood Decks

The absolute majority of the decks we install are pressure treated wood decks. Why are treated wood decks so popular? The answer is simple: because it is natural wood and it is inexpensive wood. Also, with proper care, this is a very durable wood. Before building a new deck, we usually demolish the old one. Most old decks are between 20 and 40 years old. It depends on local humidity, the design features of the deck and the hardware used.

 We have gained vast experience working with treated wood. We know how to build a house that will not rot and collapse. We use many advanced techniques when we build a deck that provides good drainage of water and does not retain dirt. The right choice of deck hardware is also very important. Most of the boards that have decorative significance such as railings, we usually choose by hand. A defective board will never be used.

The Beauty and Strength of Treated Wood

Do not be confused by the fact that the new boards do not look very good. They have green spots, uneven coloring and tone differences between the boards. After a couple of weeks of sun exposure, the tone of the wood evens out and acquires a uniform yellowish color without visible defects. Using wood stain, you can give your deck any appearance you like and protect it from the negative effects of rain and sun.

A treated wood deck is much stronger than cedar or composite deck. Scratching or breaking a treated wood is very difficult especially if the tree is protected by a stain. Compared with the composite, it better tolerates temperature changes, it does not dry out in the sun and does not fade. The boards hold the bolts and other fittings tightly. You do not have to spend extra money on expensive hardware that is necessary for the composite.

Comfort and Affordability

This is a common property for decks built from any kind of wood. In addition to aesthetic beauty, the wood gives a feeling of warmth and coziness. In cold weather, the tree does not freeze, and in hot weather, it does not heat up. For example, the composite heats up in the summer so that it is impossible to touch. In rainy weather, wood absorbs water and it is not slippery.

Well, the most important thing is the affordability of this material. Pressure-treated wood is two times cheaper than cedar and 3-4 times cheaper than composite. Labor for treated wood decks also costs less. Composite requires expensive wood hardware. Cedar also requires special screws. The cost of repair and service also is much lower for treated wood. For example, stain for pine is about two times cheaper than paint for hardwood.

Design Flexibility

Treated wood is a very convenient material for complex projects. If you want to build addons like benches, planter boxes, a pergola or whatever kind of overheads for the deck, then it is much easier to make it from treated wood because of the wide range of board sizes available and their workability. If you want, for example, a modern design deck with horizontal railings, making it from wood will be much easier.

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